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Faux Fur Spider Plushies

Faux Fur Spider Plushies

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Faux fur spiders have taken over the shop!

These handmade cuties are crafted from various faux fur & minky fabrics. They range from fuzzy, curly, furry, bumpy but all soft & all so cuddly!

All of these adorable spiders provide the ultimate sensory experience. We use them to cuddle, we use them to fidget, we use them to stimulate all of our senses! Yet some how they always make you feel so happy when cuddling them.

They range from 7-8” in length.

Fabric key below:

Red Queen- High Pile Minky Fur

Genghis Curl- Faux Alpaca Fur

Browsa’- Faux Angora Fur

Franklin Webb- Curly Minky Fur

Hopi- High Pile Minky Fur

Flo- Curly Minky Fur

Bumpy- Textured Minky

Anansi- Faux Angora Fur

Rose- Faux Sherpa Fur

Arachne- Faux Angora Fur

**Looking for another color or type? Check out my other listing for the Made To Order Spider Plushies. 🕷❤️ 

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