A creative Mama that spreads love by creating beautiful crafts.

Mixed Media Plushies & Art Dolls

I love to work with different materials and fabrics to give you a one of a kind plush or project. Every item that leaves my shop is made with love and handled with care.

  • OC Plush

    Detailed Art Doll Plushies

    Each commission is taken from a concept picture to a finished plush with the process discussed along the way.

  • Accessories

    Clothing & accessories are made of mixed materials and are most often removable & playable!

  • Personalized Plushies

    Select plushies can be made even more special by being personalized for their human.

  • Original Characters are Birthed Here

    Original Characters are my favorite to bring to "life". An art concept birthed into Chibi plush life! They also come with official documents.

  • Sensory Plushies

    Sensory Plushies made of the softest faux fur ready to both relax & excite you. The very best to stroke, brush & cuddle!

  • Look-A-Like Plushies

    Having a cute plush as a mini- me? What a fun idea! Feeling down? Cuddle yourself!

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  • Look-A-Like Chibi

    Adorable look-a-like! Would order again!

  • Commissioned Original Character

    As always, Christina does amazing work!
    My OC, Kit, arrived safe and sound today
    and I'm truly amazed at all his details
    right down to the tiny laces on his
    combat boots. As a fellow artist, I greatly
    appreciate how much time and hard
    work she put into him! I love him so
    much and I am so happy he is home with
    his partner, Charlo! To say the least, I will
    continue to support Christina and will
    always have nothing but good things to
    say about her amazing craftsmanship
    and customer service!

  • Faux Fur Spider Plush

    Spider Plushies

    I bought the brown recluse as a birthday present for my fiancé and I think he likes it 😊

  • Commissioned Original Character

    Words can't describe how good this
    plush is! She was incredibly easy to work
    with, polite, and skilled! The plush I got
    was a gift for my fiance, and he adored
    it! Thank you SO much for working on a
    wonderful little plush for me!