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Love Dragons

Love Dragons

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Love Dragons have been finally added to the shop. They were intended for Valentine’s Day but Love happens anytime.

*They are made of Minky with faux leather/latex accents. Each one comes with their own resin heart necklace to share or just for yourself.

*They measure about 9 inches tall & the resin heart is about 3 inches wide.

*Love dragons are just looking for someone to love them unconditionally.

Sewing/embroidery patterns modified: sewdesune

****The Love Dragon Story: Like most things in life, Love changes & evolves. The Pink, Happy Dragon represents innocent Love. The heart necklace has a White exterior with Red creeping in & covering the heart. This represents the innocent love that evolves into passionate love. The inside of their heart has a small Red heart that represents that deep passion. Innocence evolving. Alternatively, Love isn’t great all the time. The Dark/Angry dragon represents the Love that is hurt, broken. Their heart necklace is Black representing the pain, anger of Love. The Red creeping in represents the healing process back to Love. The inside of their heart has a small Black heart representing their deep broken love. Love lost can heal.. Each heart can be kept together or given to your mate. A deep symbol of Love. The cute heart inside also makes for an amazing worry stone. The hearts are 3D resin printed & resin filled. They also look great looking at the light through them with iridescent fill. Small hearts are also resin.

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